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One prominent businessmen in the field of animal production and a symbol

of the profession vital in Egypt Born Hassan Kassem on September 1928, and in 1950 graduated from the Faculty of Commerce and start his career in trade and entrepreneurship with his father where they ply their trade in the import and export of certai

n crops between Egypt and Sudan continued to work in a company and his father until the decision of nationalization in the era of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and in 1958, decided to Qasim with his father trend to invest in agriculture and livestock has begun in this area amateur and professional then became a researcher in the field of wealth animal until now, and founded with his family more than a large and successful farm, if not the most successful farms in Egypt at all.

The denominator of the elders of the sector in Egypt and has done many researches and interested in studies Modern livestock and development to the extent that it turned out for him to science seeks to know does the job and is a profitable business only, and justify Hassan Qassem his love of the area that there is a love affair strong with which animals since beginning of his work in this area, which is considered pursuant nationally serves its commun

ity as a whole and to this day so mak

e it always mentions that there is emotion and language between him and the animal originated from attachment domain, and sees Qasim to see and constant search and reading about all  livestock and development one of the ma

in reasons for success in this vital sector, which is considered one of the most important economic sectors in Egypt.

 It is worth mentioning that he seeks is happy to transfer expertise and information to both consulted on any matters related to animal production, and the General takes this opportunity to apply for sovereignty sincere thanks and appreciation for the library science donated by the Association to be accessible to all who request it from the members of the Assembly.

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