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General recommendations in nutrition Dr. Frank Delfino


General recommendations in nutrition Dr. / Frank Delfino
24 to 29 January 2015
I would like to thank the board of the Egyptian Association for the management of dairy producers and its members for the opportunity to visit many of the members of the Assembly farms, and there exist some common recommendations referred to by the program during the farm visits and a statement as follows: -
1. should be extracted in the form of alfalfa hay seedlings first or second of the desert. You need to buy the full requirements of a full year of these animals Intlten nursing. If you do not have your own farm store to store this amount of hay, look for a place to store it or work with a farmer you can trust not to sell your hay (after payment of its value).
2. No longer wheat straw and rice diet for dairy cows, if you expect to get milk. So what is only just as a filler, and the rice straw is almost a fully digest.
3. Corn grain is homogeneous with a great ground for being too rough. In case you cannot access to steam peeled beans, grain should be put to the ground through the screen 1 - 1.5 mm. It should pass a minimum of 75% of the grain through a sieve of 800 microns. In the case of Al-Bukhari it was peeled grain on the density 330 g / l.
4. Lot of feed additives that are added to the farm. If possible, determine the feed mill or ready confused that you can mix these factory. If this is not available, Combine low insertion very briquetting with additions such as wheat bran or ground corn in soft cement mixer before adding it to the TMR factor.
5. Animals that should be separated breastfeed for the first time in groups for adult animals. These small cows are still in the growth phase and do not need to go to compete with adult cattle. This should start from the closure period until the late lactation period this if possible; it would provide you with creamy milk.
6. You need young calves who cannot afford to milk, the availability of water and nutrition 24 hours. We need to be fresh food daily, (emptying buckets) and regularly renewed. And do not put a lot of feed in buckets.
7. Search for "Tenseej" weaning calves. Blends all dairy products and start their own meal. And may be replaced with all or some coarse corn seed Almhdouk ground. Check the availability of molasses.
8. Calves for birth weight and weaning. Recording and monitoring the average daily growth. Target 900 g / head / day.
9. Do not display any feed the calves weaned until they consume a minimum 3.5 kg of grain calves head per day for seven days.
10. Weight and measurement of cows to monitor their growth compared to standards (monthly). Average daily target of 0.8 - 0.9 kg growth, reproduction and be at the age of 13-15 months.
11. Maintain storage calves according to size.