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7 Reasons why vaccines fail
Cause and control of common diseases of pastured cattle
Dairy Beef Quality
Dystocia calves (assisted deliveries)
Feed sorting Repeated ruminal acidosis challenges in lactating dairy cows at high and low risk for developing acidosis
Integration of metabolism and immunity in periparturient dairy cows
Keeping them out of the rough Practical insights into hemorrhagic bowel syndrome
Lameness in dry cows will likely mean ketosis in fresh cows
Monitoring health and looking for sick cows
Collapse Nutrition Nutrition
Calf feeding programs and control of brucellosis and tuberculosis
Calves that won´t nurse
Calving ease – Clean colostrum
Dehydration in calves
Feeding immunoglobulins
Good growth in cold weather
Hot weather and post-weaning slump
Methods of feeding liquid to calves
Milk replacer feeding strategies for accelerated calf growth
Performance of calves housed in individual pens and fed with buckets two times per day vs. calves housed in groups and fed with a computerized milk replacer and starter feeding system
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Cow's Milk A Cruel and Unhealthy Product
Cow's Milk A Cruel and Unhealthy Product 2
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An invitation to attend a meeting U.S. expert Mr.Scott Ruby
Appoint Dr. Hassan Saeed professor of infectious diseases at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University Veterinary Services Consultant Association
Assembly management meeting chaired by the General Authority for Veterinary Services
Association meeting hoping to Egypt for livestock development
ecture expert artificial insemination U.S. Mr.Scott Ruby
Meeting of the Assembly with an agent ARC Research Affairs
Meeting of the Assembly with the Department of Company Betty - Elmare
Recommendations Dr. Alex Santo consultative nutrition tropical American
Report Alta trip to visit the farms of America, Texas, USA 05012013
The workshop (under the auspices of the Office of Livestock Development AU)
Visit Management Association to the Talaat Moustafa factory - Lamar milk
Experts visits to farms gentlemen members of the Assembly January 2015
General recommendations in nutrition Dr. Frank Delfino
Shelter and nutrition seminar January 26, 2015
Ordinary General Meeting on 18.04.2015
Meeting with Dr Salah Helal, Minister of Agriculture
Feeding cows high symposium lactation In cooperation with the export soy Council US USSEC
Version the third issue of the magazine June-August 2015
El-Masri El Yom News paper's interview with Association Chairman
A meeting with Chairman of the Board and General Secretary of the Association on Egypt agricultural channel27/8/2015
The Assoction scientific seminar on Saturday, 12.19.2015 JW Marriott Hotel
The second scientific Seminar Association on Saturday, 03.04.2017 JW Marriott Hotel
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