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Shelter and nutrition seminar January 26, 2015


Shelter and nutrition seminar January 26, 2015
The Association through a program of experts visits to farms Gentlemen Members to work on organizing a scientific symposium on the cooling and nutrition called where all the gentlemen members in collaboration with the company to develop products for animal feed bear the costs of the seminar, which was held on January 26, 2015 Four Seasons Hotel - Giza.
And in which the Chairman of the Board spoke welcomed the presence of experts in Egypt and gentlemen, guests of the US embassy and the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. / beauty Zaza Head of Animal Production sector and Gentlemen officials, research institutes and the members of the Assembly and also praised the role of development in the person of Dr. / Mohammed Sherif, head of the board of directors the company in the contribution Assembly to hold a seminar.
The both of the US nutrition expert Dr. Franck Delfino and an expert on the US and cooling shelters Dr. Denis Armstrong delivered a lecture in his specialty.
As Dr. / Mohammed Sharif gave a lecture about the company's new product.