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Association meeting hoping to Egypt for livestock development


Association meeting hoping to Egypt for livestock development


Association meeting hoping to Egypt for livestock development Saturday, 23/03/2013


At the kind invitation of Admiral / Mohiuddin Hashad, president of the Association of hope for Egypt Livestock Development (under construction) to attend the General Meeting on Saturday 32/3/2013 Hall Diamond House infantry, was attended by Professor / Nader Hussein, director of the Egyptian Society for dairy producers face EMPA and sincere Thanks to the president of the Association of hope Egypt for the kind invitation to attend the meeting, which included a group of officials and specialists and experts in the livestock sector in Egypt, both directors of research institutes and specialist doctors, university professors, and the owners of farms and factories and companies operating in the production of animal in a remarkable synthesis collected all the episodes of this strategic sector.

Attended the meeting:

- Admiral / Mohiuddin Hached

President of the Association of hope Egypt

- Prof. Dr. / Mr. Essawy

  Director of the Research Institute Altanasliat animal pyramid

- Prof. Dr. / Khaled Tawfiq

Director of Animal Production Research Institute

- Prof. Dr. / Adel Ezkizk

  Program Director farmer to farmer

- Prof. Dr. / Abdel Nasser Bakr

  Professor of nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Kafr El-Sheikh

- Prof. Dr. / Mustafa Fayez

    Head of medication and therapy Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the University of Suez Canal

- Eng / Mahmoud Hassan

   Secretary General of the Association of hope Egypt

- Professor / Nadir Hussain

    Director of the Egyptian Society for dairy producers

- And gentlemen ranchers Association members hope Egypt and gentlemen owners of companies:

· Company Alvakimakal

 D / Moses, Chairman of the Board

· Company EGY Wit Kerr

D / Walid Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors

· Multi Vita

M / Mohamed Taha, Director of Marketing

During the meeting, Dr. / Abdel Nasser Bakr lecture in the management of costs and purchases of raw materials for the farms and feed and picked up and how to receive, and the kinds of qualities, as well as feed mixing equipment and raw materials.

Was the work of a general discussion between the audience and the officials then were presented the latest developments in prices of raw materials and feed the market, and the meeting ended and everyone's face thanks to Mr. Major / Mohiuddin Hached Assembly President on his effort continuing in order to hold the meeting, which brings together officials with producers and manufacturers in order to show the problems of this sector and try to provide solutions to them on the ground.


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